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Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Disability Benefits

Would I qualify for Social Security Disability?

That depends on several factors – age, medical conditions, ability to work, work history, medical treatment, type of benefits you are eligible for, Social Security disability claim history. 

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Can I work while I am applying for disability?

You must be careful if you decide to work while seeking Social Security disability. You cannot earn more than the designated substantial gainful activity amount, $1,350 per month for 2022 and $1,470 for 2023. If you do work, you will have to explain that work to Social Security and it could have an impact on your disability decision.

How long does the disability process take?

It is common for the process to take one to two years to receive benefits.

I was denied disability. What should I do next?

Most likely, you should appeal the decision. Many applicants are denied in the early stages of the process. It is important to preserve the original onset date of disability.